10 Mistakes to Avoid in the Social Security Disability Claims Process – No. 2 | Bradenton Social Security Disability Attorney

What is another mistake you can make? After you file your claim for Social Security Disability don’t stop getting medical care. Some people will stop seeing a doctor because the doctor is still providing the same treatment or they are not getting better. This a big mistake!

You most likely do need treatment.

As you know medical evidence is the key to winning your case. No medical evidence, no chance of winning! Your medical records are the most important evidence of your disability that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider. Even if you cannot afford medical treatment, there are many free local medical clinics. There is really no excuse for the lack of medical treatment.

Since it takes almost 2 years to get a  hearing in front of the Administrative Judge (ALJ), how are your going to explain that you are disabled if you have not gotten any medical treatment? Think about that!

Mistake No. 2 is failing to get medical treatment.

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