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The Social Security Administration recognizes ulcerative colitis as a listed condition under listing 5.06, Digestive system impairments. Click here for the  listing

Ulcerative colitis is a inflammation and ulceration of large intestine which causes thickening and scarring of the colon. You colon cannot properly taking excess fluid from your feces. Complications can include abscesses around the anus, cancer, and colon rupture.

The Mayo Clinic has a great article on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of ulcerative colitis that can be found at

Listing of Impairments 5.06 requires a diagnosis of by endoscropy, barium enema, biopsy or operative findings. You must also have;

A. Recurrent bloody stools documented on repeated examinations and anemia manifested by hematocrit of 30% or less on repeated examinations;

B. Persistent or recurrent systemic manifestations, such as arthritis, iritis, fever, or liver dysfunction, not attributable to other causes;

C. Intermittent obstruction due to intractable abscess, fistula formation, or stenosis; or

D. Recurrence of A,B,C after total colectomy; or

E. Weight Loss as described in Listing 5.08.

If you don’t need a listing for ulcerative colitis, you will need to develop the medical evidence of your exertional and non-exertional impairments by having your physician complete a Residual Functional Capacity form.

Social Security Disability Benefits can be won with the proper medical evidence. Cavey and Barrett, St. Petersburg, Florida social security disability attorneys can help you with you social security disability application.

Listing of Impairments – Chronic Active Hepatitis | Pasco County Social Security Disability Attorney

According to an article from Wikedpedia, hepatitis is an injury to the liver characterized by presence inflammatory cells in the liver which can progress to scarring of the liver. It is acute when it lasts less than 6 months and chronic when it persists longer. A group of viruses known as the hepatitis viruses cause most cases of liver damage. Hepatitis can also be due to toxins (notably alcohol), other infections or from autoimmue process. You can become symtomatic when the disease impairs liver functions that include, among other things, screening of harmful substances, regulation of blood composition, and production of bile to help digestion.

The Social Security Administration requires that you meet very stringent medical requirements to meet a Listing 5.05. More often than not, we will ask your physician to complete a Residual Functional Capacity form Chronic Active Hepatitis that will document your physical findings. Explain your diagnostic studies including the results of your liver biopsy and the results of your blood-work.

Click here to view the listing:

Just as important are your physical capabilities and the problems that you have functioning every day. These can include fatigue, fuzziness, and  problems concentrating at the side effects of your medication. You can win a claim for Social Security disability benefits for chronic active hepatitis with the help of your treating physician and documentation of the problems you have functioning.

Contact Florida social security disability attorneys, Cavey and Barrett, for more information about a social security disability application for chronic active hepatitis.

US Representative Castor is Outraged at Social Security Disability Backlog | Port Richy Social Security Disability Lawyer

US Representative Castor made headlines in the St. Petersburg Times recently by proposing legislation in the United States Congress that would require the Social Security Administration to hold a hearing within 75 days on any application for Social Security Disability. Nancy Cavey and Sharon Barrrett, St. Petersburg-based Social Security disability attorneys, support such legislation and urge you to contact your United States Representative in support of this legislation.

A Times Editorial

Cut short disability’s cruel waiting game

In print: Friday, July 18, 2008

The government insurance that is owed to people who are no longer capable of working is no less urgent than that paid to a family left homeless after a flood. But the Social Security Administration has turned disability insurance into a waiting game so cruel as to sometimes claim lives before paying claims.

The bill that U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, is introducing in Congress would finally put the government on a clock. It would have no more than 75 days to schedule a disability claims hearing and, then, no more than 15 days to rule.

As Castor demonstrated with some of the people she gathered for a news conference on Monday, the delays and rejections are often indefensible. Shelly Burke, who suffers from diabetic neuropathy, has been unable to work since 2000. She was twice the denied the benefits she deserved, and won them only with the help of an attorney and only after eight years of delays.

“I don’t know what I would have done without my mother,” Burke said. “I’ve been one of the lucky ones.”

In fairness to the Social Security agency, its staff has suffered cutbacks at the same time it has seen a dramatic increase in caseload. It also faces far too many attempts to defraud the government, including recently disclosed attempts by private insurers to force their injured claimants to file, wrongfully, for Social Security disability insurance.

That said, the agency still suffers some of the institutional distrust that once led the Regional Appeals Office to report that bosses were telling caseworkers to “deny, deny, deny.” The agency has rebounded from those ugly purges during the Reagan administration, but one reason for the staggering backlog of cases today is that far too many claims are being wrongly denied by the original caseworker. In turn, those denials are appealed, and two-thirds of them are reversed.

The assumption that everyone is trying to cheat the system has cost those who aren’t. The average wait for a person filing a disability claim to get a hearing before an administrative judge in Tampa is now 685 days, and some cases last for years. Even Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue has acknowledged that some disabled people have died while waiting. Yet Astrue has still done little to address the problem. Imagine the Federal Emergency Management Agency trying to prevent flood insurance payments for nearly two years after a storm.

More administrative judges and caseworkers will cost money that Congress has to be willing to provide, but Castor is shining the light in the right place. These delays are inhumane.

Unfortunately, Tampa Bay Social Security disability Attorney Nancy Cavey routinely sees delays of over two years to secure Social Security disability hearing. This legislation will help every Social Security Disability applicant.

Fraud and Social Security Disabililty Benefits | New Port Richey Social Security Disability Attorney

You can go to jail for Social Security Disability fraud. Here is just an example of what can happen:

Man admits lying to Social Security



A Mascoutah man pleaded guilty today to a federal felony charge and admitted to a series of lies that cost Social Security over $120,000, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.
John R. Laird applied for and received disability benefits in 1989, court documents show. During the time that Laird was telling the Social Security Administration that he was unable to lift or use his arms and had trouble getting around, he got a full-time job as a mechanic, pleaded guilty to methamphetamine-related charges in St. Clair County in 2001, violated his probation and was sent to prison, court documents show. He was supposed to notify officials about all those milestones, prosecutors said.

Laird pleaded guilty to concealment of material information from the Social Security Administration today and agreed to pay restitution. The U.S. attorney’s office said Laird would owe more than $120,000.

John Laird costs everyone in the Social Security Disability system!! St. Petersburg Social Security Disability attorneys at Cavey and Barrett don’t tolerate clients who we think are trying to game the Social Security system.

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