What happens if I collect Social Security benefits while working? | Brandon Social Security Disability Attorney

Well, you’re in big trouble! There can be an assessed overpayment that can run into thousands of dollars that will follow you to the grave. Social Security can recoup over-payments until you die. Alternatively, they can stop your benefits, which means you’ll have to start all over again in the disability evaluation process and prove that you are disabled. Remember that you are jeopardizing your entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid if you work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits or SSI.

Please note that at the Tampa Bay Social Security Law firm, Cavey & Barrett, we do not represent individuals who work while collecting Social Security Disability benefits.

Is It Hard to Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Problems? | Bradenton Social Security Disability Lawyer

At Cavey and Barrett, your Pinellas and Hillsborough County Social Security Disability lawyers, we are ofter asked “Is it hard to get Social Security Disability benefits for a mental problem?”

Unfortunately, Social Security Disability applicants with psychiatric problems are routinely denied Social Security Disability benefits.

Unfortunately, disability claims examiners who make the decision about your initial disability application and reconsideration have very little training in evaluating mental impairments and their insight into those conditions is non-existent.

They will read and summarize your medical records and take them to a unit psychologist for review.

Unfortunately, the unit psychology consultants are not very good and routinely render inaccurate opinions about the mental Residual Functional Capacity forms.

At Cavey & Barrett we work closely with disabled Social Security applicants with psychological and psychiatric problems. We consult with your mental health counselor and secure documentation of your ongoing treatment. We will have your mental health counselor complete Residual Functional Capacity forms that accurately reflect the impact that psychological problems have on your ability to function.

More Praise for Cavey and Barrett’s Consumer Guide to Filing for Social Security Disability | Sarasota Social Security Disability Attorney

Attorneys Nancy Cavey and Sharon Barrett are nationally recognized for their expertise and contribution to the field of Disability Law. With their new book “What You Should Know Before Filing Social Security Benefits” they have provided the consumer with an essential tool. Disability, whether it is yourself or a family member, can be a very difficult time in one’s life. This book can protect the reader from making critical mistakes that could have disastrous results for the disabled and their family. If you are concerned about Social Security Disability benefits this book is a must read.

Vaughn DeKirby, Disability Attorney

San Franciso, CA.

Testimonial for Cavey and Barrett’s Book “Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits” | Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Lawyer

The decision to file for social security disability is an important one. An error or wrong turn can result in a denial or
significant delay of often much-needed benefits. It would be a serious mistake to file your application without the clear and
cogent information in this helpful book.
I highly recommend the book, and its authors, to anyone who wants to get it right the first time.

Brenda Hollingsworth
Ottawa, Lawyer

Social Security Disability Benefits and Heart Attacks | Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Attorney

No. 50 – I’ve had a heart attack. Am I eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

A heart attack occurs when there’s an interruption in the blood supply to some part of your heart. You may have symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, angina pressure or complication, nausea, and vomiting.

Cardiac therapy can include oxygen, pain relievers, blood thinners, or even surgery.

Individuals who have heart attacks may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If your heart condition satisfies the requirements of the conditions listed in the cardiovascular section of the impairment-listing manual, you will be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Alternatively, you may qualify for disability benefits if your resulting condition causes you to be unable to engage in the lightest work you have done in the last 15 years or are unable to engage in other forms of work.

Your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits does not depend upon what your doctor has diagnosed or the number of heart attacks that you have had. The Social Security Administration will evaluate your Residual Functional Capacity for your ability to work.

The Social Security Administration will also determine your functional capacity as it exists three months after the occurrence of the heart attack because they want to see whether or not your ability to work has improved or changed in any fashion. As a result, it may take longer for the Social Security Administration to evaluate your claim for benefits.

If you have any questions regarding your entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits as a result of a heart attack or any delay in your Social Security Disability claim process, contact Cavey & Barrett, the Pinellas and Hillsborough County Social Security Disability attorneys.