Peter Orzak Wants to Destroy the Safety Net for Millions of Disabled Americans

In a shocking editorial by Peter Orzak, the former White House director of OMD, Orzak has suggested that people who are disabled simply apply for Social Security Disability or long term disability benefits because they are unable to work. He insinuates that once they receive benefits, they lose all their desire to work and enjoy being disabled.

This is nothing but dribble! One of the solutions that he proposes is the use of private disability insurance companies. Obviously, Orzak has no understanding for the private ERISA disability world where often than not, private and ERISA disability insurance companies will deny benefits to those who are legally entitled to benefits. Trying to shift the blame to private ERISA based long term disability carriers is a bad idea. If you really want to make the long and short term disability process work, get rid of the presumption clauses and policies which presume that any decision by your insurance company is right. If we are going to cut or limit the safety for Social Security Disability and long term disability benefits, let’s give every American the right to a jury trial to determine whether they are entitled to benefits.

If you want to play fair Mr. Orzak, understand the Social Security Disability and long term disability claims process and make sure that there is a fair and level playing field for all Americans who are unable to work as a result of disability.

Long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey has written the book Robbed of Your Peace of Mind which exposes all of the reasons why short and long term disability claims process is manifestly unfair and robs employees, who have paid their disability premiums of their right to peace of mind when they become disabled.

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