Give Me Seven Minutes and I will Explain How A Social Security Attorney Can Help You With Your Social Security Claim

The Social Security Administration doesn’t make it easy for those who are unable to work to receive their Social Security Disability benefits. There are seven ways in the Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Attorney Nancy Cavey can help you with your disability claim:

  1. Be your guide. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming. We have authored the guide Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits which helps you with the Social Security Disability claims process and the five step sequential evaluation that is used in every Social Security Disability case.
  2. Keep your Social Security Disability claim moving. Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. The Social Security Disability claim’s process is paper intensive and at our law firm we help your claim through the disability review process. We file your Request for Reconsideration, application for hearing and help you complete all the Social Security Disability forms. Just as important, we get your doctors records and get opinions from them concerning your medical condition, symptoms and how those symptoms impact your ability to work.
  3. Develop the winning theory for your claim. The most important thing a Social Security Disability attorney does is develop a winning theory for your claim. They review your file and determines the legal path that will lead to an award of your benefits based on your personal medical condition, work history, education and the Social Security Disability claim’s process.

Nancy represents claimants in both Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

  1. Obtaining the necessary evidence. The proper development and presentation of the medical evidence in your case is the key to winning. At our law firm we work to develop your claim and get the medical evidence necessary to support your claim from your doctors.
  2. Help tell your story. Every Social Security Disability case is different. Your story is personal and unique to you and a judge needs to understand your struggle with your medical condition and how you came to be unable to work. Telling your story in an effective way is the key to winning your Social Security Disability case.
  3. Representing you at every stage of the claim. Social Security Disability attorney Nancy Cavey can help you with your initial claim for disability benefits, through the Request for Reconsideration stage and the trial for your Social Security Disability case.

We will write a pre hearing memorandum for the judge so that the judge is familiar with your case in advance of the hearing. Sometimes, the judge will even award benefits without having a hearing.

We will prepare you before the hearing so that you know what questions you will be asked by the judge assigned to your case and, most importantly, she will be there with you by your side at the hearing in front of the judge.

  1. Making sure that you get the correct amount of Social Security Disability benefits. When your Social Security Disability claim is approved,the attorney reviews your file to make sure that the Social Security Administration has correctly calculated the amount of benefits that you are due. And, of course, remember there is no fee unless you are rewarded disability benefits.

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