Social Security Disability and Lung Cancer

The most common cause of cancer death is lung cancer according to the American Lung Association. Lung cancer is a malignant tumor in the lung that destroys the healthy lung tissue that can spread throughout your body. Lung cancer is hard to detect in it’s early stages and it’s called a silent killer for that reason. It may take years for your lung cancer to grow and there will be no symptoms

In 2010, more than 222,000 new cases were diagnosed and 157,000 American’s died from lung cancer.Lung Cancer Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration has a specific listing for cancer of the lung and if you have been diagnosed with having cancer, you should immediately apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Nancy Cavey, Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney, has written the go to guide called Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits that’s available to help all Social Security Disability applicants understand the Social Security Disability insurance evaluation process and the requirements that you must meet to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

If you meet a Social Security listing for lung cancer, you will be eligible for benefits at Step Three of the Five Step Sequential Evaluation.

Unfortunately, if your cancer doesn’t meet a medical listing at Step Three of the sequential evaluation, the Social Security Administration will go on to determine if you have ability to do past work based on your residual functional capacity.

If the Social Security Administration determines that you can’t do your past work, than your residual functional capability, or what you are physically capable to doing, will be used to determine if you are able to do other work based on your age, education and past relevant work.

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