Can You Spot the Mistake When You Filled Out the Social Security Disability Application?

At Cavey and Barrett we routinely see mistakes that are made by Social Security Disability applicants on their application. The Social Security Administration is going to disregard any comments you make like “I can’t work”, “No one will hire me”. Rather, they are interested in what is called your functional limitations.

What are functional limitations?

  • Can you sit, stand, bend, twist, walk, do you have to alternate positions?
  • If so, how long can you do any of these actives?
  • Do they interfere with your ability to function? If so, give examples.
  • The Social Security Administration wants proof that you have difficulty functioning that eliminates your ability to hold the lightest job you’ve had in the last 15 years or limits your ability to work in a job that exists in the national economy.

    It is therefore, crucial that you fill out all your Social Security Disability forms accurately.

    Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney, Sharon Barrett, worked for the Social Security Administration as a staff attorney for many years, she reviewed many inaccurate or incomplete Social Security Disability applications who’s claims have been denied. Those denials could have been prevented if the Social Security Disability examiner had been given the right information about functional limitations so that they could make a quick and accurate decision on the Social Security Disability claim.

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