Cardiac Pulmonary Disease and Social Security Disability Claims | Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Attorney

Do you know you can claim Social Security Disability Benefits for Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can cause you to have shortness of breath with a simple activity like walking from room to room, walking to your car, grocery shopping, or attending church.

The Social Security Administration has very stringent definitions of disability for these types of claims.

Your doctor’s medical records will be crucial in documenting your disability. It is very important that you keep a list of your symptoms and make sure that those symptoms are part of your doctor’s records. The Social Security Administration also want to see that you are getting regular medical treatment.

I suggest that you keep a log of physical activities that cause you to have shortness of breath, how long that shortness of breath lasts, what side effects of any medication you’re having, and how you’re limiting your physical activity because of your shortness of breath. Make sure that is part of your medical records, and that you outline these difficulties in your Social Security Disability Application.

Qualified applicants are often denied Social Security disability benefits because they have not provided the Social Security administration with the necessary evidence to win their claim. You can increase your chances of winning Social Security disability benefits by contacting a Social Security disability lawyer who has experience in handling cardiac obstructive pulmonary disease Social Security disability claims. Your lawyer can help you gather the necessary medical records from your physician and have your physician complete a Residual Functional Capacity form documenting your physical difficulties. Your doctor will need your log to actually complete the residual functional capacity form.

Before you apply for disability benefits or if you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits for COPD, contact a lawyer, such as Sharon Barrett, who has extensive COPD disability experience.

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