Social Security Benefits for Thyroid Disorders – Hyperthyroidism | Hillsborough County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Your thyroid is your body’s thermostat. The thyroid is a gland in your neck that produces hormones  that are needed by your body to work properly. There are 2 kines of hormones – T4 is called thyroxine and T3 is called tridothyronine.

If your body produces too much T4 and T3, your body gets overheated which is called hyperthyroidism.  One of the common causes is Graves’ disease.

Are you hot without any reasons? Have unexplained weight loss or gain? Problems sleeping? Hands that tremble? Irregular heart beat? Shortness of breath? You might have hyperthyroidism.

Section 9, Listing of  Social Security Impairments Endocrine System requires that any thyroid Social Security disability claim be evaluated based on the affected body system.

If you have any questions about your entitlement to Social Security Benefits for Thyroid Disorders, contact Sharon Barrett or Nancy Cavey, your Social Security Disability benefits lawyers. They can assist you with your application for Social Security disability benefits for hyperthyroidism.