Chronic Fatigue Sufferers Think Differently About Their Social Security Disability Application

Chronic Fatigue Social Security DisabilityThe Social Security Administration considers Chronic Fatigue as a recognized medical condition. But, nonetheless, it is difficult to prove that Chronic Fatigue is serious enough to justify the award of Social Security Disability benefits. Sharon Barrett, former Tampa Social Security staff attorney, knows that the more information that you include in your Chronic Fatigue Social Security Disability application about the physical problems you have and how it impacts your ability to do substantial gainful work, the easier it will be for the Social Security Administration to grant you your benefits.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue doesn’t make your case a slam dunk, but the Social Security Disability Administration will be looking at your file to determine not only whether you suffer from Chronic Fatigue, but how the side effects and the medication that you take and any other medical conditions that are commonly seen with Chronic Fatigue make you disabled.

So, for example, if you have irritable bowel syndrome as part of your Chronic Fatigue or depression, we, at Cavey and Barrett, help develop the medical evidence that establishes the severity of your symptoms, the impact those symptoms have on your functionality, and attain from your doctor a residual functional capacity form, documenting the objective basis for your diagnosis and your disability.

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Social Security Benefits for Fibromyalgia | St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Social Security Administration has acknowledged that fibromyalgia is not diagnosed based on gold standard objective testing like MRI’s or  x-rays. The American College of Rheumatology has created a standard for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia which is, in part, based on subjective response you make while being examined.

An administrative law judge cannot reject the treating physician’s opinion regarding work-related limitations based on the absence of objective evidence.

However, I always like to have the treating physician and my client on the same page about your physical activities and restictions and limitations. I use a fibromyalgia residual functional disability form. Contact Nancy Cavey, a St. Petersburg Social Security disability attorney for a copy of the fibromyalgia residual functional disability form.

Social Security Benefits for Lupus | Pinellas County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Administrative Law Judges seem to have problems with credibility determinations of Social Security disability applicants with lupus. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can find your testimony is not credible if your subjective complaints are not consistent with your daily activities. However, the judge can not reject your testimony about your daily activities unless the judge gives clear and convincing reasons. The judge can’t reject your testimony out of hand.

A judge can’t reject the testimony about your daily activities provided by a neighbor or a family member. The courts have repetitively held that lay testimony is competent evidence that a judge must take into consideration unless they give very specific reasons for rejection of that testimony.

Make sure that your testimony about your symptoms and problems is consistent with your activities. If you have fatigue or side effects of medication, you are not out running a marathon!

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