Compassionate Allowances for Cancer Cases | Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security disability cancer cases are difficult and heartbreaking to handle.

Cancer patients tend to be uninsured which creates gaps in medical care and lack of continuity of care.  Delay in obtaining necessary tests and treatment makes it difficult to establish the 12 months duration requirement  information that is needed to establish disability.

Some states have Set up Quick Disability Determination Processes that allow the state agency to call doctors to get specific evidence that is needed. That does not happens in cases going through the normal process.

The state disability determination offices are asking doctors for information that explains functional limitations that result from cancer, whether the patient meets an appropriate cancer listing, what the effects of therapy have been and comment on the patient’s ability to do different work related functions.

Unfortunately, I have had to get members of Congress involved to expedite decisions in cancer cases. I am glad to see that the Social Security administration understands the need for compassion allowances in cancer cases.

If you are having difficulty getting a decision from the Social Security Administration in your Social Security disability cancer case, I recommend that you seek counsel immediately. Experienced Social Security disability attorneys, like Nancy Cavey in St. Petersburg Florida, can help you with a compassionate allowance for your cancer case.

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