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Yet another Congressional Hearing was held on April 23, 2000 the by the fullĀ  House Wats and Means committee chaired by Representative Charles Rangel.

The committee took up the disability backlog and the resources the Social Security Administration needs to make timely decisions on Social Security disability applications. Many stories were told to the committee about the hardship for Social Security disability applicants face while waiting for a decisionĀ  and payment of benefits.

By the end of this year, Social Security hopes to bring on board 175 additional judges. 135 judges have started as of today.

I suspect that these administrative law judges will be assigned to Atlanta, Cleveland, and Detroit which are the hearing offices furthest behind.

It is hoped that a system that allows attorneys to access your file to check on a status and evidentiary development will be set up. Social Security is even considering a pilot program in June of 2000 to allow some attorneys to conduct video hearings from their offices.

It was pointed out that increasing number of claimants are dying before their hearings because of deterioration in their physical condition since they can’t obtain any medical treatment.This testimony struck home with the members of the committee. We’ll see what comes of the budgetary requests of the Social Security Administration.

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