Denials of short and long-term disability claims

It wasn’t uncommon in the 1980s for disability insurance companies to try to outdo each other by writing very liberal policies that favored the insured consumer.

The long-term disability carriers were going after the growing market for professional disability coverage because of the huge premiums. Unfortunately, they ended up paying out more in claims because the policy language was so liberal. We have seen over the last several years, particularly with the worsening economy, an increase in the number of claims denied.

If you file a disability claim, you should expect to be denied because most carriers know that people whose benefit claims have been denied will go away.

At Cavey & Barrett, we urge you to keep fighting. We can assist you in getting your medical records, talking to your physicians, and getting documentation from your physicians explaining how you meet the long-term disability policy’s requirements to be eligible for benefits.

If you retain an attorney who represents plaintiffs in ERISA cases, the chances are that you will obtain your benefits.

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