Five Things Every Social Security Disability Attorney Should Do in Every Social Security Disability Case

These include:Things a Social Security Disability Attorney Should Do

1. Obtaining a medical sworn statement from your treating doctor that identifies the physical or psychiatric limitations you have as a result of your medical condition.

2. If you have the Social Security Disability applicant has attempted to go back to work and failed or is working in a sheltered employment, the Social Security Administration is looking for evidence that addresses these issues. If the Social Security Disability applicant has return to work in some capacity, those wages have to be explained to the Administrative Law Judge.

3. If you become disabled as a result of a workers’ compensation case, the Administrative Law Judge is going to want to know more about the workers’ compensation claim.

4. If your case has been settled, it is important that your Social Security Disability attorney have a copy of the workers’ compensation settlement as the Administrative Law Judge is going to want to see a copy of the settlement documents.

5. Submitting precise pre-hearing briefs. At Cavey and Barrett, we submit a Memorandum of Law prior to every Social Security Disability hearing. This helps the Administrative Law Judge prepare for a hearing and, in some cases, can actually assist them in awarding benefits without the need for a hearing. This is call an “on the record request”.

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