Four Tips for Filing Your Social Security Disability Reconsideration

Filing for Social Security Disability ReconsiderationUnfortunately, you, like most people have had your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits denied. Don’t give up! We at Cavey and Barrett urge you to file a request for reconsideration. If you chose to do so without the services of an attorney we think that there are four things that you should know about filing your request for reconsideration.

  1. Always provide updated medical information about your recent visits to the doctors, hospitals or clinics.
  2. Submit the medical records of your providers that you’ve seen from the time of your initial application up until your request for reconsideration. This will help speed up the reconsideration process. While it may not mean that your Social Security Disability benefits are granted at the request for reconsideration stage, you will at least get “faster” denial so that you can move on to the request for hearing stage.
  3. At Cavey and Barrett, we strongly suggest that you copy of your disability application if you done it in writing. We suggest that you run off a copy of the disability application and fill it out in a draft. You can use that as a guideline for filling your request for reconsideration information. As you fill out the request for reconsideration paperwork review your copy of your initial application. Look to see whether you not you have forgotten any doctors, hospitals or clinics that you may have seen. Check the application to see whether or no you mistakenly left off medication or side effects of medication. Check the application to see if you have listed every condition that you are being treated for which is the basis of your disability. If you’ve left something off you want to include this on your request for reconsideration.
  4. You have sixty days to file the request for reconsideration, plus five days for mailing. At Cavey and Barrett we urge you to turn in your request for reconsideration as early as possible. Every day you wait is a longer delay. At Cavey and Barrett we strive to submit your request for reconsideration in the same week that we receive notification that your initial disability application ahs been turned down.

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