Getting a Lawyer In Your Social Security Disability Case – Communicating with Social Security | St. Pete Beach Social Security Disability Attorney

Can you still talk with the Social Security office after you hire a lawyer? What should you do with correspondence you get from Social Security after you hire a lawyer?

When you hire a lawyer to represent you in your Social Security disability claim, the lawyer will send a notice to the Social Security office telling them to make sure all contact with you is through your lawyer.

The purpose of the letter to make sure that your lawyer knows what is going on, whether SSA has set up an examination you must attend, whether additional material is needed or whether your claim has been granted or denied.

If you are contacted by SSA by phone contact your lawyer, so your lawyer can respond to SSA immediately.

Don’t assume that SSA sends your lawyer a copy of letters they send to you. If you get any correspondence from SSA, immediately call your lawyer so you can discuss what needs to be done.

Communication is key to the success of your claim. Don’t make a mistake by failing to tell your lawyer about any communications from SSA. To hire an experienced lawyer to represent you contact us here at Cavey & Barrett.

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