Getting a Lawyer In Your Social Security Disability Case – What Will You Be Asked at Your Initial Appointment | Port Richey Social Security Disability Attorney

You decided to set up an appointment with a Social Security lawyer, like Nancy Cavey, to talk about your social security disability claim. I am sure you are wondering what you are going to be asked by this lawyer. Here is a list of some questions you will be asked at your initial appointment.

The first series of questions are background, the second of questions are medical, third deal with pain, the fourth is functionality, the fifth is medications, sixth is physical limitations, and seventh is good and bad days.

Let’s start with the background questions:

1. When did you apply for benefits?

2. What date did you say you became unable to work?

3. What date did you  actually stop working and why?

4. Why can’t you working now?

5. Who did you work for during the 15 years before you became unable to work, what was the name of job and your duties, hours per day, reason for leaving, hours per week, and rate of pay. How many hours per day did you have to sit, stand, and walk.

6. In your most recent job what was the greatest weight and average weight you had to lift or carry, did you use machines, tools or equipment, did you write reports, have any supervisory responsibilities, did your medical problems effect you ability to do your last job and, if so, how?

7. What is your education? How well do you read? Did you repeat any grades or were you in any special classes? Can you do basic math?

8. Do you have any vocational training?

9. Did you serve in military? Getting any veteran’s disability benefits?

We will review the medical questions next! If you have any questions call St. Petersburg based Social Security disability attorney, Nancy Cavey.

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