Getting Rid of the Sleepless Night Before Meeting with the Social Security Representative

At Cavey and Barrett we believe that is crucial that you cooperate with the Social Security representative handling your case. You may get a call asking for information or even be asked to come to the Social SecuritySleepless Nights Administration. We have three tips to help you get rid of the sleepless night you might be having before you meet with your Social Security claims representative:

1. Respond immediately to any Social Security Disability correspondence because that correspondence requests a demand within a certain period of time. If you don’t respond, your claim will go to the end of the line or may even be closed.

2. If you get a call from a Social Security Disability claims representative, answer those claims honestly and accurately. If you are in doubt don’t hesitate to ask any questions you need to ask so that you can give an accurate answer to Social Security Administration for the question they are asking.

3. Make sure that you have your medical records available when you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. If you are asked to come to the Social Security Disability office to meet with the claims examiner, we suggest, at Cavey and Barrett, that you bring a xeroxed copy of all of your medical records and any information regarding your employment history. Don’t give them the originals! They are sure to lose them.

If the Social Security Administration rejects your application for benefits, you must file an appeal within sixty days or you will have to start all over again. If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied. Contact Tampa Bay Social Security Disability lawyers Cavey and Barrett for a free no obligation consultation today.

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