Give Me Five Minutes and I’ll Give You Five Tips for Finding the Right Social Security Disability Attorney to Represent You in Your Social Security Disability Claim

There is no doubt about it! The Social Security Disability law is complicated and you really do need to hire a Social Security Disability attorney who is right for you. Here are five tips you need to know about finding the rightFinding the Right Social Security Disability Attorney lawyer for you. Ask:

1. Are you a lawyer or a claims representative?

Answer: Claims representatives can represent individuals in Social Security Disability claims, but at Cavey and Barrett we believe that having a lawyer represent you who is familiar with the Social Security Disability regulations, rulings and cases is crucial.

2. Ask how many disability hearings the lawyer has handled?

Answer: The Social Security Disability lawyer should have handled at least over 100 Social Security Disability claims.

3. Do you have the experience with the type of medical problem I am having?

Answer: It is crucial that the Social Security Disability attorney you hire is familiar with the medical condition that is causing your disability. That includes not only the diagnosis of your condition, but how it impacts your ability to function physically or emotionally.

4. Is the attorney going to have an assistant who is going to be working with them?

Answer: It is common that a skilled Social Security Disability attorney will have a paralegal or case manager that will work up your case. They will be responsible for gathering information about your case and monitoring what’s happening- of course at the direction of the attorney.

Your attorney should regularly review your file and be in communication with you.

5. Will my lawyer be with me at a Social Security Disability hearing?

Answer: I know this is an odd question, but there are some claims representative companies who hold themselves out as being skilled advocates but who, in reality, don’t attend hearings because they ask the judge to make a decision based on the written record. Others, will let you attend the hearing by yourself. In the opinion of Sharon Barrett, former Social Security Disability staff attorney that’s playing with fire. While we do ask that the judge make a decision based on the record that we’ve compiled- which is voluminous, we always ask for a hearing and plan on presenting your case personally to the Social Security Administration judge. We know that you are paying our legal fees and we think that you deserve to have your case heard, personally by an administrative law judge and to be prepared to answer all the administrative law judge’s questions.

At Cavey and Barrett your Palm Harbor, Port Richey and New Port Richey Social Security Disability attorneys, we prepare you for any hearing in front of the administrative law judge and we are there with you, right beside you, at any Social Security Disability hearing.

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