How Can I Get a Fast Hearing on My Social Security Claim? | Social Security Benefits Denied Attorney

There are only three circumstances in which you might be able to get a fast hearing on your Social Security Disability claim. To get an expedited hearing you must show:

  1. That you are 55 years or older. The claim is more easily decided by a Social Security Administrative law judge if you are older than 55 because under the Social Security rules you fall into the less restricted disability category. Sharon Barrett, an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, practicing in Florida may file a request for expedited hearing once her clients reach the age the of 55.
  2. If you are at critical risk of death because emergency life saving surgery can’t be performed, you may be able to get an expedited hearing. However, you are going to need a letter from your doctor explaining the medical urgency which necessitates an expedited hearing.
  3. You received a notice of eviction, foreclosure or acceleration of mortgage payments. That might also a ground for asking for an expedited hearing.

There really are no guarantees that any of these three situations will result in the Social Security Administration scheduling an expedited hearing. You must understand that despite the most compelling circumstances, the Social Security Administration does not always grant requests for expedited hearings.

If you have any questions about whether your personal circumstances might entitle you to an early Social Security Disability hearing, contact Social Security benefits denied attorney Sharon Barrett at or by calling us at 727-894-3188.

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