How does Social Security Disability Define Past Work and Why is it Important in my Social Security Disability Claim?

When you file for Social Security Disability benefits you are going to be asked to complete a work history that provides a job description of the mental and physical demands of your job.Past Work Social Security Disability Claims


The Social Security Administration requires that they determine, in every Social Security Disability claim at step four of the five step sequential evaluation whether or not you can return to your past relevant work. That’s work that you performed for three months or more.

In step four of the five step sequential evaluation, the disability examiner asks whether or not you can return to the lightest job you’ve held in the last fifteen years. If the answer is yes, your Social Security Disability claim will be denied!

If the answer is no, then you move to step five of the five step sequential evaluation which is explained in greater detail in Cavey and Barrett’s book Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits. Click the link to get your FREE copy today!

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