How Long Do I Have to Wait Before I Get a Decision from an Administrative Law Judge?

Well you finally had your at court and the judge has asked you questions. You’ve answered all your attorney’s questions. You’ve heard the testimony of a vocational expert or medical expert. And you are wondering, when am I going to know if I have been granted Social Security Disability benefits?

The administrative law judge normally makes a decision shortly after the hearing so long is that there is no additional evidence that they have requested or that we wish to submit. The administrative law judge takes about six to eight weeks to issue a decision.

Unfortunately, in the Tampa Bay area you can expect to wait 24 months from the time you file your request from the time until you have your actual hearing and then expect to wait yet another two months before you get the decision.

We always ask for a ruling, on the record, reserving our rights for a hearing. At Cavey and Barrett, we ask our clients to provide us with ongoing information about their medical treatment and gather records to support your claim. We continue to provide this information to the Social Security Administration and do a pre hearing “Memo of Law” asking that the judge accept your claim based on the evidence that we have gathered. You can help us help you by keeping us updated about your physicians and treatment that you have rendered. At Cavey and Barrett, attorney Sharon Barrett, knows how important it is to work closely with her clients to ensure the best results possible.

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