I’m not nuts, but the Social Security Administration wants me to have a mental exam. | Port Richey Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Social Security Administration can require a consultative examination known as a CE for short. This can be scheduled by the disability examiner at the initial claim and reconsideration stages and by an administrative law judge at the hearing stage.

Most often these consultative examinations are scheduled because your records indicate that you haven’t seen a doctor recently or because there might be a condition for which you never received treatment. I have written an article about preparing for you consultative examination.

If the disability examiner or judge notes in your medical records that you are “depressed” or “anxious,” the Social Security Administration may be obligated to send you for a mental consultative examination even if you don’t claim to be depressed or anxious on your application and never sought treatment.

Many disability claimants are surprised when they receive a letter from the Social Security Administration scheduling them for a mental consultative examination when their disability application is filed on the basis of a pure physical problem such as a heart problem, degenerative disc disease, or diabetes.

If you are scheduled for a mental consultative examination, we suggest that you call Tampa St. Petersburg Social Security Disability lawyers, Cavey & Barrett to discuss what will occur during that evaluation, how you should prepare for that evaluation and how you should present yourself.

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