If You Don’t Understand the Basic Things of a Social Security Disability Claim, You’ll Hate Yourself Later When Your Claim is Denied

The Social Security Disability claims process is daunting, that’s doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply or that you should give up when you have been denied. Rather, every Social Security Disability claim requiresBasics of a Social Security Disability Claim perseverance. But, even before you apply for Social Security Disability there are several basic things we at Cavey and Barrett, your Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney’s think you should know:

Take the time to do it right.

You are going to have a lot of paper work to complete and this is paperwork that should be taken very seriously. Among the questions that are going to be asked is information about your employment history for the last fifteen years, information about the medical treatment you have received, the medication you are taking, the side effects of the medication and your activities of daily living.

You might think that just because your doctor says you are disabled that you don’t have to fill out these forms. Absolutely wrong!

Take the time to accurately and completely gather this information before you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, do it right the first time!

Even if you do it right the first time, expect a denial at stages one and two. Did I just contradict myself? No, unfortunately, many Social Security Disability applicants are denied at the initial application stage and even at the request for reconsideration stage, despite the fact that they are disabled.

It is important you understand that you have 60 days in which to appeal your denial and file a request for reconsideration, if not you get to start all over. The same holds true with a request for reconsideration.

The faster you fill out your request for reconsideration, the faster you will get your second denial, so you can move on to the most important stage in the Social Security Disability case, the application for hearing. Cavey and Barrett know that you have the best chance of being approved at the hearing level, when you have an opportunity to present your case to the administration law judge.

Getting your medical records.

At Cavey and Barrett, your Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorneys, we get your medical records from your physician and we don’t give up! If your doctor is a little slow in getting your medical records we will make a phone call to them so that we make sure that not only we get your correct medical records but that the Social Security Administration gets those records.

More importantly, Sharon Barrett, former Social Security Disability staff attorney in the Tampa office, knows the importance of getting your doctor to fill out what is called a residual functional capacity form. This form will help explain any restrictions and limitation your doctor has assigned, your problems with functionality, side effects of medication, and the impact pain has on your ability to function.

Making financial plans.

In the Tampa Bay area it can take almost two years to get a Social Security Disability hearing. It is important that you have financial resources to get you through this difficult period. There are circumstances in which we can ask for what is called an expedited hearing. If, for example, your house is being foreclosed on, or your life is threatened because of your disability, we can request an expedited hearing.

At Cavey and Barrett, we have written the go to guide for Pinellas County and Hillsborough County residences who are thinking about or have applied for Social Security benefits. You can order your free, no obligation copy of our book, Your Rights to Social Security Disability Benefits.

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