Listing of Impairments – 5.00 Digestive System | Sarasota Social Security Disability Attorney

You might have a Social Security Disability Claim for chronic gastrointestinal or digestive problems.

Listing 5.0 Digestive systems covers such medical conditions as:

1. Recurrent upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage from undetermined causes;

2. Stricture, stenosis or structure of the esophagus;

3. Peptic ulcer disease;

4. Chronic liver disease including chronic active hepatitis;

5. Chronic colitis;

6. Regional enteritis;

7. Weight loss due to any persisting gastrointestinal disorder.

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The Social Security administration has strict requirements for each of these conditions and requires certain findings on examination together with medical studies to confirm your diagnosis.

The Social Security administration recognizes that digestive system disorders will result in the marked impairment because of the interference with your nutrition, the number of times these problems can recur, and the many complications. These complications must be expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months.

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