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Do you have a heart condition that has been diagnosed as atherosclerosis? If so, you may be entitled to social security disability benefits for atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis means hardening of the arteries caused by deposits of plaque. It affects large and medium-sized arteries in your heart which can reduce the blood flow through an artery. However, plaque frequently breaks off and travels to another part of the body. If the plaque blocks a blood vessel that feeds the heart, you can have a heart attack. If it blocks a blood vessel in the brain, you can have a stroke. If the blood supply to your legs is reduced, that can cause problems walking.

The plaque can also cause blood clots or even a rupture of the artery which is called an aneurysm.

Please review the Wikipedia’s on atherosclerosis for more information about the symptoms, cause, diagnosis, and treatment of this condition.

Many people apply for Social Security disability benefits because of atherosclerosis. The diagnosis alone won’t necessarily lead to the award of disability benefits because the Social Security administration has very specific requirements for the degree of occlusions, or blockages, you must have to be eligible for disability benefits.

This will be discussed in another posting.

Don’t give up if you are denied Social Security disability benefits. If you can establish that you can’t return to the lightest job you held in the last 15 years or you have exertional or non exertional problems that prevent you from doing other kinds of work, you can still win your Social Security disability claim.

If you have limits on how far you can walk, climb stairs, physically exert yourself, or have side effects from medication you take for your cardiac condition, you can establish the necessary exertional and non-exertional problems that will prove your entitlement to Social Security disability benefits. Contact Florida based social security attorney Nancy Cavey for more information.

The cardiac listing can be found here.

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