Listing of Impairments – Social Security Benefits for Chest pain| Tampa Bay Social Security Disability Lawyers

Chest pain caused by cardiac disease can be the basis of a Social Security Disability award.

As MedicineNet.Com explained, the cardiac causes of chest pain are heart attack, angina, and other causes.

1. A heart attack is caused by a blood clot that blocks the blood flow to your heart muscle.

2. Angina is caused by artherosclerotic plaque narrows the arteries that carries blood to your heart. It temporarily restricts the blood flow especially during exertion.

Restricted blood flow causes recurrent episodes of chest pain called angina.

3. Other cardiac causes include inflammation of the sack that surrounds your heart which is called pericarditis. An aortic dissection resulting from a sharp blow to your chest or as a complication of uncontrolled high blood pressure causes sharp tearing chest and back pain. Coronary spasm, known as Prinzmetal’s angina, can cause episodes of chest pain with activity or even at rest. It is a temporary closing of the blood flow to your heart and it can even wake you up!

Chest pain is one of the most common reasons people to seek emergency care but it doesn’t always signal a heart attack. Chest pain should not be ignored and should be treated immediately.

If, unfortunately, you have significant cardiovascular disease it may be the basis for a Social Security disability benefit claim. However, you should not file a claim yourself, but seek the help of an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer such as Nancy Cavey or Sharon Barrett.

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