Listing of Impairments – Changes to the Listings | St. Pete Social Security Disability Lawyer

Many of the Social Security Disability listing of impairments have not been updated for years and, as result, have not kept up with medical advances in diagnosis and treatment. Social Security Administration Commissioner Astrue has directed the Social Security Administration to develop a schedule to update all listings at least every five years.

Changes to listings for mental disorders, immune system disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and malignant neoplastic disease can be expected in the near future. As these listings are revised, I will explain the changes and what impact they have on your Social Security disability claim.

All claims for Social Security disability benefits are evaluated at Hurdle 3 to determine whether or not the applicant needs a listing. It’s important that these listings be updated and keep current with developments in medicine.

It is crucial that you develop the medical evidence and use residual functional capacity forms. If you have any questions, please contact St. Petersburg Social Security lawyer, Nancy Cavey.

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