Listing of Impairments – Exercise Testing and Cardiac Claims | Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Social Security Disability administration will evaluate your Social Security benefit claim for cardiac disease by looking for objective testing to establish the limitations of activity of daily living because of your symptoms.

Your doctor will attempt to quantify your limitations by using exercise testing which generally involves the use of a motor driven treadmill at different grades and speeds. These tests attempt to relate the exercise to the energy you expand. This excess energy is expressed as a “MET” which means multiples of resting metabolic energy. It is the amount of energy you use for any given activity.

There are Functional Classifications with four different classes of impairment based on your symptoms and activity level. It is important that the Social Security Administration see any exercise testing that has been done to help determine your functional capacity.

This testing will determine whether or not you meet a Social Security Disability cardiac listing or whether you need to meet the vocational criteria were awarded Social Security disability benefits. For help with your case and claim contact experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers Cavey & Barrett.

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