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Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome and wonder if you might get Social Security Disability benefits?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is compression of the median nerve in your wrist that is caused by repetitive motion. The nerve in the carpal tunnel swells and has no where to go in this tunnel. As a result, you can have tingling, burning, and numbness in your finders, loss of grip strength (which can result in dropping things like coffee cups), locking of your fingers, swelling of your fingers, and worst of all, PAIN! More information on CTS can be found here.

Guess what? There is no listing for this common condition in the Listing of Impairments. You can click here to see some of the factors that Social Security considers.

So how do you win a carpal tunnel claim?

At Hurdle 4 you must show you cannot return to your past relevant work. If you did work that required you to do repetitive hand movements like typing or assembly work, you probably cannot go back to the job you did the last 15 years.

However that alone will not get you Social Security benefits. Why Because Social Security assumes that you are capable of doing “other work.” What is that?

Other work is work that you could do as a result of the skills you have learned in the other jobs you have had. It is work you could do based on your and education.

So how do you win at Hurdle 5 “Other work?” You need to have firm medical evidence of your diagnosis including EMG/NCS testing. And you must have your doctor give a detailed statement about the limitations on you hand dexterity, your ability to lift, your ability to do fine fingering and manipulation, and your ability to use both hands.

Claims for carpal tunnel are routinely denied at the initial application and reconsideration stage. This type of claim will be tried before an Administrative Law Judge and can be won if the medical evidence is developed properly.

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