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Do you have a curvature of the spine? Curvature of the spine can include scoliosis, kyphosis, and kyphoscoliosis.

Abnormal curvatures of the spine can cause problems in walking and impact other body systems. You might have trouble breathing or trouble with your heart. You might even withdraw from your friends or family because you are embarrassed about how you look.

Unfortunately, there is no specific listing for curvature of the spine in the Listing of Impairments. That means the Social Security will not award you benefits at Hurdle 3 and you will have to jump over the vocational Hurdles 4 and 5 to win your claim.

You must establish that you have physical or psychological restrictions that prevent your from doing the lightest job you have done in the 15 years before you became disabled. That is Hurdle 4! If you can’t prove that you are unable to go back to your past relevant work your claim is denied.

On to Hurdle 5! Can you perform some other kind of work? If so, you lose.

So how do you win? Your treating doctor needs to fill out the appropriate Residual Functional Capacity form (which Social Security will never tell you about and your doctor has never heard of) that explains what you can and cannot do. Does your curvature of the spine make it hard for you to sit or walk? Do you have to change positions to get comfortable? Do you have trouble breathing? Do you avoid going out?

You need to be able to explain how these problems prevent you from working. You can look at Listing 1.00 regarding curvature of the spine by clicking here.

This is the kind of claim that requires the right development of medical and vocational evidence. Hire an experienced social security attorney like Nancy Cavey or Sharon Barrett!

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