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You might be entitled to social security benefits for sleep related breathing problems. A sleep related breathing disorder is caused when you periodically stop breathing while sleeping. An awesome article about Breathing Related Sleep Disorders was written by Dr. Mary E. Catletto at

This article explains what causes sleep related breathing disorders, what a doctor looks for on physical examination, common complaints and symptoms, the studies that are done to diagnosis this condition, and how it is treated.

For Social Security disability purposes, a disturbed sleep pattern and associated chronic nocturnal hypoxemia can cause daytime sleepiness, chronic pulmonary hypertension, and disturbances in your cognitive functioning.

Daytime sleepiness can affect your memory, orientation, and personality. The Social Security administration will want to see your longitudinal medical treatment records to evaluate your mental functioning. If you’re having difficulty with gainful work, the Social Security administration will want to see the physiological basis for your impairment which may be chronic cor pulomole which I have discussed in an earlier posting.

Chronic hypoxemia due to episodic apnea can also cause pulmonary hypertension.

The Social Security administration will evaluate a sleep related breathing disorders under Listing 3.09 Chronic Cor Pulmonale.

If you fall asleep during the day you might have a disturbance in your cognitive abilities and functioning. The Social Security administration will evaluate any impairment of your cognitive functioning under Organic Mental Disorder Listings 12.02.

Before you file a claim for Social Security disability benefits for a sleep-related breathing disorder, I suggest you keep a diary or log of the problems you are having sleeping, how long you sleep, whether you fall asleep during the day and what problems you have with concentration and memory and your personality as a result of your sleeping problems. I am sure that a family member can help you with that log and I suggest that they keep their own diary. Be sure to submit that with your claim materials and keep a copy for your records.

Another thing you can do to tip the odds in your favor is to consult an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer such as Nancy Cavey or Sharon Barrett.

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