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Skin disorders are evaluated under Listing of Impairments Section 8.00.

The Social Security administration evaluates skin disorders that can result from “hereditary, congenital or acquired pathological processes.” In evaluating the existence and severity of a skin disorder on the Social Security Administration wants “information about the onset, duration, frequency of flareups, prognosis and the location, size and appearance with lesions.” When appropriate, they will want a “history of your exposure to toxins, allergens and irritants, and familial incidence, seasonal variations, stress factors and your ability to function outside a highly protective environment.”

Laboratory findings or other medical evidence must be submitted.

The Social Security administration assesses the severity of a skin disorder based on the extent your skin lesions cause restriction of motion of your joints or use of your extremities, your ability to do fine and gross motor movements of your hands and your ability to walk.

They will also consider the frequency of your flareups, your symptoms including pain, and your treatment. This listing also considers the effects of medication, therapy, surgery or other treatment.

The Social Security Administration will also assess impairment that affects the skin and other body symptoms such as connective tissue disorders and other immune disorders.

You will require the services of an experienced Social Security attorney, such as Nancy Cavey, to fully develop the extensive medical and functional documentation required to meet this listing.

Click here for Listing Section 8.0.

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