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The Social Security Administration recognizes ulcerative colitis as a listed condition under listing 5.06, Digestive system impairments. Click here for the  listing

Ulcerative colitis is a inflammation and ulceration of large intestine which causes thickening and scarring of the colon. You colon cannot properly taking excess fluid from your feces. Complications can include abscesses around the anus, cancer, and colon rupture.

The Mayo Clinic has a great article on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of ulcerative colitis that can be found at

Listing of Impairments 5.06 requires a diagnosis of by endoscropy, barium enema, biopsy or operative findings. You must also have;

A. Recurrent bloody stools documented on repeated examinations and anemia manifested by hematocrit of 30% or less on repeated examinations;

B. Persistent or recurrent systemic manifestations, such as arthritis, iritis, fever, or liver dysfunction, not attributable to other causes;

C. Intermittent obstruction due to intractable abscess, fistula formation, or stenosis; or

D. Recurrence of A,B,C after total colectomy; or

E. Weight Loss as described in Listing 5.08.

If you don’t need a listing for ulcerative colitis, you will need to develop the medical evidence of your exertional and non-exertional impairments by having your physician complete a Residual Functional Capacity form.

Social Security Disability Benefits can be won with the proper medical evidence. Cavey and Barrett, St. Petersburg, Florida social security disability attorneys can help you with you social security disability application.

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