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The Social Security does have a listing of impairments for disorders of vision and, if your condition meets a listing, you will be awarded benefits at Hurdle 3. You won’t see a listing by disease. While you doctor may have told you have low vision, macular degeneration, or even diabetic retinopathy, there is unfortunately no specific listing for these conditions.

Rather, the Social Security Administration Listing, Section 2.0 Special Senses and Speech Impairments, looks at visual acuity, field of vision, muscle function, and visual efficiency. Check it out at

Most vision claims are evaluated under listing 2.02 “Impairment of visual acuity” which requires that the remaining vision in “the better eye after best correction” be 20/200 or less.

What is a better eye and why does Social Security care about the better eye? Social Security is going to consider your remaining visual acuity and peripheral vision in both your eyes. If one eye meets the listing but the other eye (the better eye) does not, you don’t meet a listing. If the vision in your eyes after correction with glasses or contacts is still worse than 20/200 you meet a listing. However, it must be BOTH eyes!

It is hard to meet the requirements for a listing but these claims can still be won.

You must develop medical and vocational evidence that establishes you can not do the work you have done in the last 15 years before you became disabled and you are unable to do work in the national economy based on your age, education, and transferable skills.

Have a family member write down what problems you have reading, writing, driving, or even walking because of your vision problems. Document how you might need assistance cooking, eating, or dressing. Help the claims examiner “see” what you cannot as you take them on a tour of your day.

Consulting a Social Security Disability Attorney might be the best thing you’ll do. Nancy Cavey, a Florida based attorney, can help you! Contact her by clicking here or by calling 727-894-3188, or 727-897-9117.

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