Medical Testimony at Your Social Security Hearing | Hudson Social Security Disability Attorney

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may give you notice that a medical witness will be testifying at your Social Security Hearing. That is a signal to get a Social Security lawyer!

In my experience, notice that a medical witness is going to be called to testify by the ALJ is bad news. The medical witness is going to testify about your medical records, your disability, your complaints, and whether your medical complaints are believable.

Your lawyer will look at your medical records and determine why the ALJ wants to have a medical witness at the hearing. An experienced Social Security attorney will contact your treating physician and get the medical evidence necessary to address the ALJ’s concerns. Your attorney will also be prepared to question the medical expert.

Don’t try to question a doctor on your own. You won’t know why the ALJ asked the doctor the questions that were asked, what the doctor said, how the doctor’s answer impacts your case and what to ask the doctor. Don’t make a crucial mistake – there is a reason the ALJ wants medical testimony and it is generally not to grant your claim! For more help and information contact skilled attorney’s Cavey & Barrett and consult this free book on Social Security Disability.

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