Should I Bring Anybody to Testify For Me at the Social Security Hearing | St. Pete Beach Social Security Disability Lawyer

Generally, the answer is no! The hearing  will take 45 to 60 minutes. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may ask all the questions or let your attorney ask the questions. The ALJ knows what questions he wants answered and does not want to hear your life story.

The ALJ wants to hear about the 5 hurdles I talked about in earlier posts. Nothing more and nothing less.  The time will fly by.

The ALJ makes a decision about your case primarily based on your medical records and your testimony. Unless a friend or family member can add something new, it is generally not helpful to have additional witnesses at your hearing.

It is your time to shine and tell the ALJ the 5 Hurdle story. It is better for the ALJ to hear it from you than anyone else. You are your best witness!

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