Social Security Consultive Examinations – Do I Have to Go? | St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Attorney

Do you know that the Social Security Administration may schedule you for a Social Security Disability Consultative examination?

Do you need to attend? At Cavey and Barrett we tell all our clients to attend and to cooperate.

If you do not attend the examination your claim will be denied. If you can’t attend the examination, look closely at the notice. You should find the name and telephone number of your caseworker on that letter.  Call them immediately and ask for your appointment to be rescheduled. Keep a record of your telephone call and be sure to note the date of your call, the time of her call, who you spoke to and what they told you. Better yet, send a letter certified mail, asking that the appointment be rescheduled. You’ll have proof of your contact.

If the appointment has not been rescheduled within 10 days of your call, follow-up once again and document or communications with the Social Security administration.

There is a reason that the Social Security administration has scheduled this examination and it probably is that there is not enough proof in your file to establish that you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

You must provide the Social Security administration with the evidence they need to determine whether or not you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits. If you’re uncertain why the examination was scheduled or about what to do or say at the examination, you should consult an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who can help prepare you for this important examination. Being prepared for this examination can be the difference between winning benefits and being denied Social Security disability benefits.

For assistance with your social security disability claim in the Tampa Bay area contact Cavey and Barrett at 727 – 894 – 3188.

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