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The Tampa Social Security Disability Backlog Is Among The Worst

The Tampa Social Security disability office has one of the worst backlogs in the country with over 5103 cases pending for over 900 days!

Representative Kathy Castor introduced a bill into Congress on July 14 to address the nation wide backlog of Social Security disability claims. The bill would require that a hearing be held within 60 and 75 days from the date of the request and then a final verdict be given no more than 15 days after hearing.

Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue announced new steps to reduce that backlog. As of October 1, 2008, all new hearing requests from outside the Tampa – St. Petersburg area will be sent to the Fort Lauderdale office. A new Social Security disability Judge for the Tampa office should be selected in the near future and that will help with the backlog.

Congratulations to Representative Kathy Castor for her efforts to help reduce the Social Security hearing delays in Tampa. For assistance with your Social Security disability claim, please contact Tampa Bay Social Security disability lawyer Sharon Barrett at

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