The Blueprint for Finding the Right Social Security Disability Attorney for You in the Tampa Bay Area

Social Security Disability Attorney BlueprintHere, in the Tampa Bay area, it takes almost two years for the typical Social Security Disability applicant to work their way through the Social Security Disability process.

We, at Cavey and Barrett, believe that finding the right Social Security representative can help you through the Social Security Disability process quickly and give you a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

The Social Security Disability claims process is confusing and complicated, Sharon Barrett, former Social Security Disability attorney, knows that the stakes are quite high. Without Social Security Disability income benefits and Medicare assistance, you might not be able to make ends meet and get the medical treatment you desperately need.

At Cavey and Barrett, we created a blueprint for finding the right Social Security Disability attorney for you:

  1. Ask a knowledgeable and experienced organization for attorneys that represent individuals like in applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

You should seek assistance from an experienced Social Security Disability attorney who understands the Social Security Disability claims process. Don’t be fooled by companies who have multiple representatives all over the United States who tell you that they can help you despite the fact that they are thousands of miles away from you.

At Cavey and Barrett, we believe that it is important that we have a local attorney represent you who can work closely with your physician to secure the necessary medical documentation that will develop the medical evidence that will help you win your Social Security Disability claim.

  1. Ask whether the attorney has experience representing someone who has your medical condition.

Did you know that there is a disability impairment guide with hundreds of medical conditions from psychiatric conditions, to back injuries, to arthritis, to diabetes and everything in between.

It is important that each case be personalized so that the Social Security Administration understands your unique medical and vocational situation. One size doesn’t fit all!

  1. Keeping you informed about the progress of  your Social Security Disability claim.

Unfortunately, at Cavey and Barrett, we often hear complaints from dissatisfied Social Security Disability applicants looking to change legal representation because they have not been regularly updated on the progress of their Social Security Disability case.

At Cavey and Barrett, we provide regular in person meetings and phone calls with our clients. We copy you with all of the correspondence in your case. Communication is key to a winning Social Security Disability case.

  1. Their success rate.

If an attorney advertises that 100% of every Social Security claim was won, you know that doesn’t happen. However, you should make sure that the attorney who represents you has a great success rate in getting the client Social Security Disability benefits.

If you follow this blue print, you’ll select the right Social Security Disability attorney to represent you in your Tampa Bay Social Security Disability claim.

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