The Claims Process – How To Survive Financially | Tampa bay Social Security Disability Lawyer

Many Social Security Disability applicants wrongfully assume their disability claim will be approved in a matter of weeks and don’t plan for the financial realities they may face during the long wait for a Social Security decision.

Applicants can go broke while waiting for a Social Security Decision and many will rely on credit cards to meet expenses. Be careful about your use of the credit card or even using the equity in your home for your living expenses. It will take on average two to three years to get a decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can jeopardize your credit if you can’t make payments on your credit card or face the loss of your home if you don’t make your mortgage payments.

As a practical matter, any applicant for Social Security Disability benefits needs to immediately assume their disability claim will be denied and they will be waiting at least two to three years for a decision. You need to plan accordingly.

You might want to re-structure your debt, create a budget for the next two years, determine how you continue to get medical care while you’re case is pending, and rethink any major purchases.

Unfortunately, you will be faced with many difficult financial decisions during the Social Security Disability claims process. Plan for the worst financial circumstances you can imagine in advance so that you can avoid foreclosure on your home or the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. For help contact us here.

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