The Grids and Your Ability to do A Full or Wide Range of Work | Pasco County Social Security Disability Lawyer

You can’t work because of you disability but how do you prove that to the Social Security Administration (SSA)? Most cases are decided by the SSA at Hurdle 5: Other Work. SSA applies a Grid evaluation process that looks at your age, education, transferable work skills, and your residual functional capacity (RFC).

Your doctor will hopefully write in your medical records what you can physically do despite your disability. Not all doctors understand the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and the Social Security regulation definitions of medium, light, and sedentary work. Perhaps your disability cross over the physical requirements of light and sedentary work. What happens?

The Social Security regulations say that SSA can’t apply one of the Grid rules to your case, unless you are capable of doing a “full or wide range” of work at the exertional level that applies to the applicable Grid. In other words, you must be capable of doing a full or wide range of work at the sedentary, light, or medium level.

You or your representative must understand the definitions of sedentary, light, and medium work so the proper Grid is applied to your case. For more information, and for more help with your claim, click here or call 727-894-3188.

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