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The last factor in the Grids is your work experience. Do you remember when you filled out your application for Social Security Disability you were asked to list the jobs you held for the 15 years before you became disabled? You were asked about your job duties, what you did, how you did it, and the ins and outs of your job.

Did you think to ask why you were being asked those questions and what that had to do with your claim for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) classifies work as unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled. The Social Security regulations define unskilled work as work that you learned in 30 days. Every thing else is semiskilled or skilled.

One of the most commonly questions asked by SSA is “Are your skills transferable to another job?” If you have done secretarial work and answered the phone, are those phone skills something you could take to another job like a security monitor? Those are the kinds of questions that SSA will be asking in making a disability determination.

So, when you fill out those forms asking about your prior job duties, don’t puff your resume! Be honest about your job and your job duties. Puffing can come back to haunt you if you have to explain to the Administrative Law Judge deciding your case that you really did not have managerial duties or really did not do what you said you did on your application. What do you think that will do to your chances of winning with that Judge? For more information, and for more help with your claim, click here or call 727-894-3188.

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