Three Out of Ten American Workers Will Become Disabled — Is This You? | St. Petersburg Social Security Disability Lawyer

According to the Counsel for Disability Awareness, three out of ten American workers will become disabled  during their working lives.

Do you know, that according to the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 48.9 million Americans have some type of disability and 16 million are unable to work in any capacity.

If you are unable to support yourself or your family because of a disability, you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits. At Cavey and Barrett, Pinellas County Social Security Disability lawyers, we find that most Social Security disability applicants are denied benefits at the initial ad reconsideration stage. The Social Security Administration’s denial isn’t because the applicant doesn’t have a real disability or are able to support themselves.

Sharon Barrett, who was employed by the Social Security Administration as a staff disability attorney, reviewed thousands of denied Social Security Disability applications. Sharon will tell you that most Social Security claims denials are because the social security  disability applicant didn’t understand the standards used by the Social Security administration in evaluating a claim and didn’t have the proper medical evidence.

All too frequently, Social Security disability benefits are denied simply because the applicant didn’t know how to go about properly filing their claim and submitting appropriate documentation.

At Cavey and Barrett, we can assist you every step of the way. We will help you file your initial claim for Social Security disability benefits, collect your medical records, assist you with the appeal process, if necessary, secure appropriate medical documents from your doctor to establish your disability, file a prehearing memorandum of law, prepare you for the hearing in front of the administrative law judge, and be your advocate before the Judge.

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