Vocational Testimony at Your Social Security Hearing | Pinellas Park Social Security Disability Lawyer

When you get the notice for your hearing, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will generally tell you if vocational expert (VE) will be testifying.

You will be asked to fill out forms asking about your recent medical treatment, a medication list, and a work history form. Complete those forms accurately and send back immediately.

The ALJ will also ask you to acknowledge you will be at the hearing. Do that ASAP.

The notice that a VE will be present  means potential problems at Hurdle 4, Can You Return to Your Past Relevant Work and Hurdle 5, Other Work in the National Economy.

If you get a notice that a VE will be present, retain an attorney to represent you immediately. You will need an experienced Social Security attorney to cross-examine the VE. The VE must be given the proper questions about your past work history, your current restrictions, your exertional and non-exertional problems like side effects of medication and the impact of pain. You can’t count on the ALJ giving the VE the right question to win your case. The ALJ might ask the VE questions that can be used to deny your claim.

Sharon Barrett and Nancy Cavey know the importance of asking the right questions of the VE at your Social Security Hearing.

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