What Can Happen When You Represent Yourself? | Bradenton Social Security Disability Attorney

You can lose! Even worse, you can destroy your ability to successfully appeal the Administrative Law Judge’s denial.

Many Administrative Law Judges simply do not give the same attention to an unrepresented claimant they give to a claimant who has gotten a lawyer.

Why? Because the unrepresented claimant is clueless! The claimant hasn’t the foggiest idea why the claim was denied, what they have to prove to win, what is in their file and, more importantly what is NOT in the file that should be!

It is like going to the teacher and telling them you can’t hand in your homework because your dog ate it! That makes it very easy to deny your claim.

You must understand why you case was denied. You must understand what evidence you need to give to the judge. You must make sure your medical records are current. You must make sure your doctors identify your functional limitations. You must be prepared to deal with any medical experts or vocational experts the Judge may have at the hearing to testify. You must be ready to testify about the things the Administrative Law Judge needs to hear from you to be able to award you Social Security Disability Benefits.

No, simply telling the Administrative Law Judge that you are in pain, no one will hire you, you can’t keep a job or you can’t work is NOT going to get you Social Security Disability Benefits.

What it will get you  is a big fat DENIAL! And MORE TROUBLE!

Ever decision by an Administrative Law Judge is subject to review by a higher body called the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council can agree with the Administrative Law Judge’s denial. reverse the decision or send it back the Administrative Law Judge for another hearing.

The reality is that once you are denied by the Administrative Law Judge it is going to be very, very hard to find a lawyer who will take your case and try to undo all your mistakes. The consequences of representing yourself are greater than you think! Be sure to get a lawyer such as Nancy cavey or Sharon Barrett.

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