What District office has the Worst Backlog? | Hillsborough Social Security Disability Attorney

Unfortunately, some of the worst backlogs are in Cleveland, Detroit, and in the Chicago area.

I am sure that if you live in those areas you might be wondering what your lawyer is doing to try to get your case resolved and why it’s taking so long. Please be assured that is not your lawyer’s fault. Social Security acknowledges the backlogs and is making an effort to speed up decision-making process so that you get the Social Security disability benefits that you are owed.

I know that doesn’t help you in this time of financial need. I know that many of you go without medical care because you have to choose between eating and keeping a roof over your head and getting medical care. There are many social service agencies that can help you. Please contact your attorney who will be happy to provide you with this information.

Tampa Bay Social Security attorneys, Cavey and Barrett, can help with claims in this area.

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