What Does Tampa Bay Attorney Sharon Barrett Do to Prepare a Social Security Disability Claim?

Sharon Barrett, former Social Security Administration attorney who now practices in the Tampa Bay area, prepares for a disability hearing by obtaining and reviewing a copy of your Social Security Disability file.

This includes paperwork that has been generated by the Social Security Administration and Disability Determination Services on your behalf. This can include your initial claim form, forms that others filled out about you, including the doctors.

It is not uncommon for the Social Security Administration to have your file reviewed by a doctor who will determine you medical restrictions and limitations.

Sharon will make sure that your complete medical records are obtained and that your physician has the ability to comment on what your true restriction and limitations are based on your evaluation and treatment of you.

Additionally, Social Security Disability benefits denied lawyer Sharon Barrett, will help you prepare for the Social Security Disability hearing.

She will make sure that your medical records are current, review with you the questions that you will most likely be asked by the Social Security Administrative Law Judge or her, and prepare you to appear in front of the Administrative Law Judge.

Sharon Barrett will give every Social Security Disability applicant a sense of confidence as they go through the Social Security Disability claim’s process.

Sharon’s experience as a former Social Security Administration attorney in the Tampa Bay area provides her with a unique insight.

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