What is ODAR? Social Security Disability Questions

ODAR is an acronym. Once your Request for Hearing is received by the Social Security Administration it is forwarded with your file to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review known as ODAR.

They will send you a letter confirming receipt of your case and will review it to see whether or not hey can issue a favorable decision without scheduling a hearing. If not, you get to wait in line as your case waits its turn to be prepared for hearing.

The file is prepared for and reviewed by an administrative law judge and scheduled for a hearing, unfortunately in the Tampa Bay area, this can take almost twenty-four months.

You will receive notification from ODAR of the hearing date in the mail 20 days in advance and if you have an attorney, such as Social Security Disability benefits denied attorney Sharon Barrett, they will also be notified.

It is important in this twenty four month period of time that you continue to get medical treatment and that medical records be obtained to document your continuing disability. Sharon Barrett, Tampa Bay area Social Security Disability attorney, monitors the progress of your file within the ODAR office, updates your file with medical records, submitting them to ODAR, and notifies you of the hearing.

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