What is Social Security Disability (SSD)? | Lakeland Social Security Disability Attorney

What is Social Security Disability? In simple terms, it is disability insurance that you have paid for through with-holdings from you earnings. Look at your paycheck. There are with-holdings for your income tax and withholding for FICA. The FICA with-holdings are like a premium for an insurance policy. Your disability insurance policy.

You must be fully insured to be eligible for Social Security Disability. To be fully insured if you are over 31, you must have worked 20 quarters of coverage out of the 40 calendar quarters before you became disabled. This is the 20/40 rule you might have heard about.

The quarters of coverage are less if you are under 31 when you became disabled.

You must show that you have paid in long enough to be fully insured.

There is also a requirement that you are still insured when you became disabled. This requirement is just like paying your premium for your auto or health insurance. After you stop working and paying social security taxes,  there will come a time when your insured status ends, just like your auto or health insurance would lapse.

If you are not fully insured or your “coverage” has lapsed, you won’t be eligible for Social Security Disability regardless of how disabled you might be.

As you can see, it is very important that you have worked enough quarters and are still insured before you stop working. This is one of the first things your Social Security lawyer will ask you about. For more information, and for more help with your claim, click here or call 727-894-3188.

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